New Monopoly Token is the Cat’s Meow

Several weeks ago Hasbro announced they would be making a cosmetic change to the classic family game, Monopoly by replacing one of the iconic tokens. In a vote facilitated by Facebook, fans have voted to rid players’ use of the classic iron and replace it with:

Breezy the monopoly piece

While the new cat piece is cute, I think this cat would have been a better model. Maybe I’m just biased.

A Cat!

It isn’t very surprising that a cat is the newest addition: this was after all an Internet vote and as the saying goes “90% of the internet is cats!”

Hasbro has released two videos on Facebook to announce the iron’s departure and the cat’s arrival:

Are you devastated at the iron’s banishment or will the cat be your new ‘go to’ piece?


6 responses

  1. This story has been an interesting one for me to follow. It seems sort of silly to me to have an opinion on this, but I do. As a great lover of Monopoly, I have many themed sets with wonderful themed pieces, and there is a special place in my heart for the original pieces (particularly the hat). That said, I’ve always found the original pieces a bit confusing. They seemed a bit disjointed, as if they didn’t quite go together, particularly the iron, which seemed less substantial than the others. Honestly, I’m not sure whether or not I think the cat improves the collection. If I had known this change was in progress I would definitely have voted for the robot piece (though that might not have improved the collection either). I’d love to know the history of the pieces and why those shapes were chosen… maybe they would make a bit more sense! That said, I still love the original set, despite its weirdness, and I’m sure I’ll still love the game with the new edition.

  2. No way??! I have to admit, I never chose the iron first when I used to play Monopoly (I have not played in years, but need to pull it back out again), but the iron is a classic piece they are getting rid of.

    Do you know if Monopoly has made any other changes over the years from its original form?


  3. Oh the iron! It has a handle and was a such a good little tiny replica of the larger thing. But cats are so cute. Do I remember wrong or were there once scotty dogs in Monopoly? It’s about time the cat was recognized!

  4. @Marisa- I agree the tokens are a bit disjointed. Although I think the addition of the cat makes the cat and the dog go together and everything else seem a little out of place!

    @akerr87- Yes, there have been several changes…too many to list. In fact technically there are over 1100 Monopoly tokens out in the world when you take all of the specialty sets into account. And they haven’t always been metal (World Wars tend to cause shortages of those kinds of supplies). Anyway- here’s a link to token history if you’re interested

    @JR- There is a scottie dog- and I agree since there is a dog, it’s about time the cats got their due!

  5. […] New Monopoly Token is the Cat’s Meow ( […]

  6. Ah, little monopoly doggie you have kitty company now…:) I’m gonna miss the classic iron though.

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