5 movies that should be made into board games

We’ve had a bizarrely cold week here in Florida. Of course, by “bizarrely cold” I mean around 65 degrees which I recognize to the rest of the world that is not cold at all. Never the less, I have spent the week catching up on movies.

It’s been almost 20 years since Jumanji entered theatres: the most obvious movie to board game translation, because, well, it was already about a fictional board game. But, in a world of product domination, what movies are just waiting for this special treatment?

Franchisers, take note—hopefully we’ll see some of these favorites on the shelves by next year’s Oscars.

All the photos in this post are property of IMDB. Click the pictures to go to each movie’s page.

Finding Nemo (c) DisneyPixar

Finding Nemo
(c) Disney Pixar

Finding Nemo:

The objective of this movie translates well as a board game: rescue baby Nemo by traveling across the ocean and overcoming great obstacles. Movie characters become game pieces representing players. Pick your favorite from Dory to Merlin to Crush the turtle.

Zombieland (c) Columbia Pictures

(c) Columbia Pictures


The world is spiraling into a zombie wasteland as players try to get through the game to the other side of the country to find other human life. I think this game would be best as a cooperative game like Pandemic. As the game progresses players have to draw “rules”, such as those that run through the movie, which they must all perform. One example might be “limber up” or “do cardio”.

Da Vinci Code (c) Columbia Pictures

Da Vinci Code
(c) Columbia Pictures

The Da Vinci Code:

Yes, it was a book first, but let that slide. Also, a game already exists, but I’ve never seen it in a store and it has pretty terrible reviews so also let that slide. The story has some great board game elements: players have to solve puzzles while visiting landmarks in Paris while evading their enemies all in quest of uncovering the Holy Grail.

Wall Street (c) 20th Century Fox

Wall Street
(c) 20th Century Fox

Wall Street:

Lie, cheat and steal to create the biggest, richest, most powerful company. Sounds like the perfect board game! Players have opportunity to participate in inside trading, but be careful, the Securities and Exchange commission are hot on your tail. This proposed game might be a fun way to update the classic board game Acquire.

Far and Away (c) Universal

Far and Away
(c) Universal

Far and Away:

One of the most striking scenes in this film is the race for land and would translate into an epic game. Players must race across the desert bowl to claim a piece a plot of land. Other immigrants and obstacles stand in the way, but how far will players go to get a piece of the American Dream?

Part two of this post tomorrow: 5 board games that should be made into movies! Get excited.


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