5 board games that should be made into movies

This past year the game Battleship was the inspiration for a mega budget movie. Several other adaptations are in the works including Monopoly and Ouija. I’ve jumped on this bandwagon and picked five games I think will make excellent movies.

This was a lot of fun. Expect to see a sequel to this list in the future.

Settlers of Catan  (c) Catan GmbH

Settlers of Catan
(c) Catan GmbH

Settlers of Catan

I’ve been waiting for this adaptation for years. Villages trying to expand into each other’s territories, communities desperate for supplies begging friends and enemies alike for help, bartering, trading….add in a damsel in distress and this game is a bona fide block buster.

Killer Bunnies (c) Playroom Entertainment

Killer Bunnies
(c) Playroom Entertainment

Killer Bunnies (and the Quest for the Magic Carrot)

The title of this game alone makes me think a movie adaptation would get a lot of Internet buzz similar to “Snakes on a Plane”.  I’m guessing the plot would involve demonic bunnies trying to kill people to capture the magic carrot, sounds like the perfect date night movie. I’m calling it right now: cast Samuel L. Jackson and this one is golden.

Guillotine Game by: Wizards of the Coast picture (c) Amazon.com

Game by: Wizards of the Coast
picture (c) Amazon.com


This is an obscure little card game with the object of executing the villains to the French revolution. I don’t think the executioners’ stories have ever been told and certainly a compelling script is in there somewhere. Marie Antoinette and the gang desperately trying to postpone their executions…sounds like an epic!

Pandemic (c) Z-man games

(c) Z-man games


A team of scientists as they desperately try to keep several strains of deadly diseases from wiping out the world.  This story would feature the diverse locals all over the world just like the board game. Talk about a summer blockbuster.

Forbidden Island (c) Gamewright

Forbidden Island
(c) Gamewright

Forbidden Island

A group of treasure hunters must find 4 priceless icons on a remote island. One major problem…the island is quickly sinking. Will they be able to find the treasure and get out on time? Hopefully they’re able to find a helicopter and maybe some extra sandbags!

Which board games are you dying to see portrayed on the big screen?


5 responses

  1. So what is Pandemic really about — as a game? What do you have to do? Any good as a game?

    1. YES! It is one of my family’s go to games. It’s a cooperative game where you are trying to save the world from several diseases that are spreading across the globe. The infection is spread through a deck of cards that dictates where to place ‘cubes’ after each player’s turn. Each player has a different role (medic, dispatcher, scientist, researcher etc) that help the team remove diseases. The Board Game Family has a how to play video over on their blog that gives a quick overview as told by a pretty adorable kid: http://www.theboardgamefamily.com/2010/02/pandemic-lets-all-save-the-world-together/

  2. Admittedly, I haven’t spent my time on your blog. That being said, I think this post is fantastic! I didn’t see the movie Battleship, but I would definitely be interested in Guillotine or Forbidden Island as a movie. On another note, I’ve never heard of any of these games and I love to play. Are these strictly found for sale on the internet or is there somewhere that sells these? Just curious.

    1. Michael, thanks for the kind note!

      Some of these games are easy to find some are less so. I was at Barnes and Noble today and the have Forbidden Island and Settlers of Catan available there.

      A lot of communities have game or comic shops with a large board game presence, although I haven’t really found that in Gainesville, I’m from Tallahassee and there are two great ones (Loft Persuits and Secret Headquarters respectively) but a store like that would certainly have Pandemic and likely Killer Bunnies.

      Guillotine is a bit more obscure, I bought it at a game shop at some point, but I believe (don’t quote me on this) that it is now out of print. But it’s available for pretty cheap on Amazon

      Of course these are all available on Amazon.

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