TableTop Day is March 30th

Is Saturday, March 30th marked on your calendar?



The mission is simple:

“On March 30th, 2013 , we ask you to go to your friendly local game store, neighborhood coffee shop, school auditorium, community center, or host a game day at your home and play more games.”

Sounds pretty awesome right?

Even more awesome, the day is mastermind by super geek and creator of the web series “TableTop” Wil Wheaton.

I encourage you to visit and look up an event near you. If you can’t find one try doing a Google search for “tabletop day” combined with your location…many game shops and community centers are coordinating events on twitter, or Facebook.

I’ll be heading over to Happy Viking Games in Jacksonville, Florida (where I’m assured there will be cake) and of course I’ll be tweeting the festivities @boardgamesrule with #tabletopday. Tweet your experience too and this will be an awesome national wide community event.

Where will you be spending TableTop Day?



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