Giant Jenga

Jenga is a classic game of skill, determination and loud crashing noises.

When it gets super-sized, though, it gets even better. My obsession with “larger than life Jenga” began after viewing a recent episode of “The Big Bang Theory”. In the attached clip, the gang plays a game of Jenga made of 4×4 wooden boards.

I began a quest to find a game to play myself. While the game I found to play isn’t quite as impressive as the version made by the production designers over at CBS; Bold Brewery in Jacksonville, FL has a great table top version made with 2x4s!  Giant Jenga is just like regular Jenga: place sets of three blocks in an alternating criss-cross pattern to create a tower. Alternating players, pull one board at a time out of the tower and carefully place it on top. The person who pulls out the piece immediately preceding the tower’s fall is the loser.

The below video is a quick edit of the beginning and end of a game. Special thanks to Glen Wieger for playing the game with me…and, shamefully for me, winning.

While I haven’t personally tried it, making giant Jenga doesn’t seem too difficult! The folks over at What I’m Loving Today have a pretty detailed post about how to make it:

I highly suggest you find a local place that has a giant Jenga to play or try your hand at making your own!


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  1. I actually had no idea giant Jenga was a real thing. Jenga was probably favorite game as a child, so it kind of fun to see this larger than life version of it. I’m in Jacksonville quite a bit, so I’m going to have to check out Bold Brewery next time I’m in the area.

    1. Bold is a fun place to spend an afternoon. The Jenga game (and they have a corn hole set and maybe a few other things) are in the back and they have a whole shelf of regular games in the main table area if you’re so inclined.

  2. This looks like a blast! The videos really help visualize the game; I don’t think this post would work without them

    1. Thanks, we had fun filming it, although it’s pretty wobbly since I had to film and play!

  3. My family loves Big Bang Theory. My son introduced BBT to us last year and now its the only thing we watch. Bringing their Giant Jenga video into your post hooked me immediately. I also love Jenga, but haven’t played or even thought about the game in probably 15 years. Life size Jenga would be great for everything from family reunions to college parties. Great idea, even if it’s not necessarily original. Thanks for the suggestion as well as the DIY video.

    1. I actually use the BBT as inspiration for this blog pretty frequently, they have some pretty quirky board game gags (Sheldon once tried to create three player chess). I think the hard hats in the clip here were a particularly nice touch.

  4. A wonderful way to bring back a classic game, and a unique spin on it too! The video is hilarious. I can only imagine how fun Giant Jenga is. I’ll look into where I can find a local Giant Jenga. Perhaps I will gather some friends and we’ll create it ourselves! If you find any other ideas on how to reinvent a classic board game, let me know! I’m always willing to do something new and different!

    1. I’m not 100% sure, but I think Gainesville House of Beer has a set, but I think making it sounds like more fun- I feel like it’d be the perfect Gainesville tailgating compliment.

  5. Just thought I’d add a little for those living near Clearwater, FL, we’re just sending a Giant jenga game down to The Sea Dog Brewing Company along with a Giant Connect 4 game. They should have it there in about a week.

    1. A giant connect four!? Guess I need to plan a trip to Clearwater…that sounds awesome!

  6. I actually saw giant jenga first on Ellen, i thought she had made it specifically for her show, but it seems to have been around longer than that. she used foam blocks, which seemed safer than wood. There are so many games that are awesome when you blow them up to life-size. My favorite is live chess games.

    1. Live chess is awesome too, the first place I saw that was actually on a cruise ship, which is both weird and awesome.

  7. This is such a sweet game, it really made our Pool Party and we plan on taking it out during events around the house 🙂 We got it shipped free from The sets are between 80-100bucks and totally worth the saved time 🙂

    1. Awesome, Stacy! Thanks for the note!

  8. Giant Jenga is a blast! I would really suggest making your own. Squidoo has some easy to follow instructions at

    We play during wine nights and family BBQ’s.

  9. OMG we also got this for our family game night and party with our hipster friends… Everyone loves it. We decorate it with people as we play. People write messages as they stack. Got it w/ Free shipping from in about 4 days. We got both the 86 and 105 jumbo size 🙂 perfection at its best…. They do custom logo sets for companies so the quality is amazing!

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