Smart Ass: The Game

Smart Ass is a trivia party game. It plays quickly and allows you to find out who is the biggest know it all in your group.

Smart Ass the board game.

Smart Ass the board game.

What’s in the Smart Ass box:

  • A game board
  • 8 game pieces
  • Question cards
  • One numbered die, one color die

This game is simple: answer trivia questions to get around the board. First player to get through the circle wins. To set the game up, place each stack of cards on a corner of the board and place a game piece for each player on the square marked “start”.

To start play, each player rolls the numbered die. The player who rolls the highest number is the first reader.

The reader rolls the colored die. There are three colors on the die, representing the three different types of cards: “Where am I?”, “Who am I?”, “What am I?”. The reader will draw a card of the color he or she rolled.

The player that wins the card rolls and moves his or her piece forward that many spaces.

The player that wins the card rolls and moves.

The reader reads the list of clues slowly, one line at a time. The other players try to answer the question, trying to get it correct first. Players may make a guess at anytime while during the reading of the card, but each player only gets one try at the answer per card.

The first player to correctly guess the answer wins that card. If no one guesses correctly, the reader wins the card.

The winner of the card rolls the numbered die and moves forward that number of spaces on the board.

There are 4 types of spaces that players can land on throughout the board:

  • A regular, blank space: when a player lands on this space, nothing happens. Game play just continues.
  • Kick ass: when a player lands on this space, the player moves backwards 3 spaces.
  • Dumb ass: when a player lands on this space, he or she is not allowed to speak for the next question.
  • "Hard ass" cards are bonus cards when a person lands on a special space.

    “Hard ass” cards are bonus cards when a person lands on a special space.

    Hard ass: when a player lands on this space, the player to their right draws a card from the “hard ass” pile and reads one of the two questions on the back aloud. This card can only be answered by the person who won the last card. With a correct answer, the player rolls the numbered die again and moves the additional spaces. If the question is not answered or answered incorrectly, there is no penalty.

The game moves to the next reader. Readers rotate in a clock-wise direction. The game finishes when one player enters the center of the board.

The “what ifs” of Smart Ass:

What if the next reader lands on a “dumb ass” space? Skip that person’s turn to read and reading moves to the next person to the left. The skipped player may not answer the question.

What if two people answer at the same time? In the case of an answer tie, the reader draws a “smart ass” card to use as a tie breaker. The reader reads one of the questions aloud and the members involved in the tie vie to answer the quickest. 

This game is available on Amazon and some book or game stores. Because this is a question based game, it’s replay loses value once a group has gotten through the cards. In addition, if one or two players are much better at trivia than the others playing, enjoyment of the game can vary greatly in any given group.

So, if you’re good at trivia, show your friends you’re a Smart Ass!

3 responses

  1. I have never heard of this game, but it sounds like a lot of fun and not too confusing. I’m going to have to look for this game and bookmark this post. Thanks!

  2. This looks great! Where did you find this?

  3. Thanks for stoping by guys! I found this game at my local Barnes and Noble which is often a great place to find a unique game.

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