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Foto Friday: Take a Boggle Break

Get ready for tomorrow by playing a round of Boggle.

Timer set to 2 minutes?

Ready, set, go!

Boggle game for March 29.

Boggle game for March 29.

I found 26 words this time. What was your count?

See you tomorrow on twitter…@boardgamesrule and #tabletopday!


Foto Friday: One to Boggle your mind

Breezy the cat looks at Boggle

The cat really wanted to play, but her favorite words “dinner time” just aren’t there.

Happy Friday! How about a game of Boggle? As you can see, Breezy the cat really is a good sport and tried to play my choice of game this morning, but her lack of english skills and opposable thumbs makes her a lousy opponent. She really prefers games that dangle from a string.

So instead it’s Foto Friday!

2 minutes on the clock. How many 3+ letter words can you find?

I only found 15 this week.

Boggle challenge for March 15, 2013

Boggle challenge for March 15, 2013


Foto Friday: Boggle

It’s a Friday word search!

Set a timer for two minutes.

Find as many words that are three or more letters in the picture as you can!





How many words can you find?

I found 30. How many did you find?