Tabletop Day: Jax Style

Yesterday’s Tabletop Day was a big success here in Jacksonville, FL at Happy Viking Games, who were WONDERFUL hosts. There were two big rooms of tables and there were definitely times when it was hard to find a corner to start a new game, which is the best problem to have. There were literally bags of games everywhere. To top it all off, as promised, there was some delicious cake.

The coolest thing about TableTop day was watching people learn new games. The group here in Jacksonville was very friendly and ready to teach others and then, of course, challenge them to a round. I taught someone a personal favorite “Ticket to Ride” and new friend Filipe took out a large chunk of the day to let me learn “Magic the Gathering”. By “learn” I mean scratch the surface..that game is awesome but intense!

There is no way to recount all the games and people involved in all 12 hours of Happy Viking’s extravaganza but these pictures are some of the highlights of the day.

Of course, TableTop day wasn’t just in Jacksonville…it was across the globe!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How was your TableTop Day? What was the game you most enjoyed playing? I can’t wait to hear about other’s experiences throughout the globe.


2 responses

  1. We went to table top day at Cloud Cap games in Portland.
    It was a gorgeous day and there were tables strewn out across the sidewalk and back patio to accommodate the large turn out!
    We learned two new games; Guildhall and Elder Signs. Both games I will play again.

  2. This is such a new world to me! Looks like fun — I should dig up my old board games and donate them to a good cause!

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