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5 board games that should be made into movies

This past year the game Battleship was the inspiration for a mega budget movie. Several other adaptations are in the works including Monopoly and Ouija. I’ve jumped on this bandwagon and picked five games I think will make excellent movies.

This was a lot of fun. Expect to see a sequel to this list in the future.

Settlers of Catan  (c) Catan GmbH

Settlers of Catan
(c) Catan GmbH

Settlers of Catan

I’ve been waiting for this adaptation for years. Villages trying to expand into each other’s territories, communities desperate for supplies begging friends and enemies alike for help, bartering, trading….add in a damsel in distress and this game is a bona fide block buster. Continue reading →


5 movies that should be made into board games

We’ve had a bizarrely cold week here in Florida. Of course, by “bizarrely cold” I mean around 65 degrees which I recognize to the rest of the world that is not cold at all. Never the less, I have spent the week catching up on movies.

It’s been almost 20 years since Jumanji entered theatres: the most obvious movie to board game translation, because, well, it was already about a fictional board game. But, in a world of product domination, what movies are just waiting for this special treatment?

Franchisers, take note—hopefully we’ll see some of these favorites on the shelves by next year’s Oscars.

All the photos in this post are property of IMDB. Click the pictures to go to each movie’s page.

Finding Nemo (c) DisneyPixar

Finding Nemo
(c) Disney Pixar

Finding Nemo:

The objective of this movie translates well as a board game: rescue baby Nemo by traveling across the ocean and overcoming great obstacles. Movie characters become game pieces representing players. Pick your favorite from Dory to Merlin to Crush the turtle.

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5 Must Have Apps for Board Games

Impress your friends and family at Game Night:

Most of us have our phones with us at all times. There are several apps available that can help make game playing easier. I’m linking the apps I personally use, which at this time are all free, but there are many options available for each of these categories. Try several and see which ones work best for you!

1: Dice


Everyone with a smart phone can have their own set of dice!

How many times have you opened a game only to find the dice are missing? The dice that originally went with the game you want to play are now associated with who knows which game on the shelf.

Smart phones have made the case of the missing dice obsolete. With a simple shake or tap of the phone, the game can proceed. Extra bonus: no dice rolling around on the floor!

2: Timer

Game timer

No worries about the timer being knocked over with a timer app.

The timers that come with games rarely work quite right: the sand gets corroded, the electronic beeper runs out of batteries, or, even more common, everyone must sit around and wait for the timer to run out before the next person can take their turn.

With a simple timer app, especially ones designed specifically for games, a game can move at the proper pace. Easy to set and reset, this simple addition can actually make the game even more fun.

3: Fun timer

Why settle for just one boring countdown timer? Find a timer that is maybe a little more fun than functional. My favorite is the sand timer.

4: Score keeper

Pens and Paper

Look for pens no more with a scorekeeper app.

Everyone has a drawer full of pens that are completely useless and this is invariably the drawer everyone digs through to find a pen and paper to keep score.

Scorekeeping apps pack several advantages: no pen/paper, they can store the scores for future play or to remember who won, and, best yet, they do the math for you!

5: Dictionary

Quickly put an end to all Scrabble squabbles by having a dictionary instantly available.

There is an official Scrabble dictionary available for the iPhone for a price, but there are several practical free options as well.

What app do you have on your phone that you can’t play board games without?

Here are the Rules

I grew up in a family of gamers. Not the kind of games with power buttons, but the kind that come in a box. I’ve spent countless holidays gathered around the family table with a never before used board game waiting to be conquered. But when that box is opened there is inevitably a major obstacle. What I call, “the beast”.

The Beast is the epic novel that lies on top of every board game; it zaps the anticipation right out of the box. Some of you might refer to them as rules.

Although I grew up in a family of old school gamers, as a 20s something, I am a product of my generation. I find lengthy rules frustrating and I quickly get impatient. I want the instant gratification of beginning the game the instant we opened the box.

This blog exists to help all gamers get to the game right now. Or, more accurately, about five minutes from now.

I will be exploring as many games as possible and posting videos that highlight the “start play” set up and rules. These videos should give you enough information to be able to start playing a new game in about five minutes. Each of these videos will be accompanied with a little review of the game.

The best part of being a game geek is the community.

The best thing about having a blog is the comments section.

Did I miss an important rule?

Do you have a special trick or tip that helps playability?

Do you have a question?

Can you answer a question?

Awesome. Please take time to share.

Also I’ll sprinkle in some other game-related posts as well: I’m always on the look out for news, trivia, you may even find a few competitions. I look forward to seeing how this game plays out.

Ready? Set? Play.